I have been involved in health profession for the past 30 years, my interest started while traveling in India, Nepal & Tibet, where I studied Ayurveda Massage, on returning to Australia I continued my studies obtaining a Certificate in Natural Therapies & Massage. I opened a clinic in Cairns, focusing on Sports Massage but quickly found many clients problems stemmed from not only the physical but also the emotional and nutritional aspects of their lifestyle.


After numerous courses in a range of alternative therapies, I moved to Brisbane to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. After 4 years full time I received an Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Acupuncture) & also completed post graduate study in Chinese Herbal Medicine.


I returned to Blenheim NZ in 2001 and have been in private practice ever since.

I regularly attended a range seminars & workshops (acupuncture, nutrition, holistic health) including  IYTA yoga studies in 2009 & Quantum Reflex Analysis in 2013, which incorporates Kinesiology and Acupuncture systems that I use for food, chemical and nutritional testing.


Over the past eight years I have been studying Japanese Style Acupuncture focsuing on studies with Masters Kiiko Matsumoto ,Tsuyoshi Shimamura & Dr Masaaki Nakano My education is ongoing with regular trips to overseas to study in this style of Acupuncture.  In 2020 I will begin Post Graduate Studies for two years in Japanese (Kampo) Herbal Medicine.


I continue to learn using my knowledge as tools to diagnose & treat individually & specific to health issues. I aim at facilitating people to become aware of the importance of restoring & maintaining their overall health & well being.


Michelle Wilson

Bachelor Of Health Science Acupuncture NZ 2018

Advanced Diploma Health Science (Acupuncture) Australia 2001

National Diploma in Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine NZ 2002

Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine 2004

Manaka Protocols & Japanese Acupuncture Techniques NZ 2010-2011

Certificate in Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture NZ 2010

 Kiiko Style Japanese Acupuncture (Master Kiiko Matsumoto & Monica Kobylecka)

Treating the Dan Tien & Fertility (Australia 2012)

Foundations of Japanese Acupuncture (Australia May 2013 &  NZ May 2014)

Digestive & Gynacological Conditions (Australia May 2014)

Neurological,Pain Knee,Back and Structural Conditions (Australia June 2014)

Legacy of Master Nagano Series (Australia December 2014)

New Developments in Kiiko Style (Australia October 2015)

The Treatment of Chronic Pain (Hawaii March 2016)

Japanese Study Semianr Osaka (Japan December 2017)

Advanced Kiiko Style Acupuncture (Complex Cases)(Australia July 2019)

Tsuyoshi Shimamura Japanese Acupuncture

Wisdom of Master Nagano Part 1 (Australia 2014)

Wisdom of Master Nagano Part 2 & 3 (Australia 2017)

Menarche to Menopause (Australia 2018)

Wisdom of Master Nagano Retreat Part 4 (Australia 2019)

Structural Balancing + Qi Blood & Water Seminars (NZ 2019)

Integrated Synergy Therapeutics Series (Dr Masaaki Nakano)

Foundations of IST + Pain Treatment & Vital Energy Muscle Testing (Australia Oct 2016)

Pain and organ conditions Part 2 & 3 (Australia Oct 2017)

Other Studies

IYTA Yoga Study Course 2008 to 2009

Sports Med Australia Level 1 Trainer 1997 to 2000

NZ Gymnastic Association Junior & Intermediate Coaching 1985

Certificate Level 1 & 2 in QRA Bio Resonance Nutritional Testing


Member New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (Member 291) (2002)

ACC Provider (AA2931)



Acupuncture Blenheim