Treatments are on a one to one basis, giving you personal time to express your health issues. In your initial consultation you will be asked a wide variety of questions, gathering your past & present medical, emotional & physical history to assist in identifying the cause of your complaint.


Japanese Style Acupuncture


A very gentle and effective style of acupuncture that is virtually pain free. The abdomen, meridians and specific points are palpated on your body to diagnose and treat your underlying condition and symptoms.  This style of acupuncture provides instant feedback and you will feel a change in the palpated areas immediately following the gentle insertion of very fine needles. Some points may also be stimulated by heating a herb called Moxa. Many clients see good results after 3 to 5 sessions, this does vary depending on your individual condition.


Advise on diet, exercise and lifestyle may also be included in your treatment.


Only sterile, single use, high quality needles are used in your treatment.

ACC Acupuncture Treatments


I am a service provider for ACC, you must have already lodged a ACC claim form with a registered medical practitioner to be partially covered for treatments costs,  please bring the claim number and date of accident to your first appointment.  If any claim is declined by ACC you will be responsible for the full cost of your treatments.


Injury Recovery

Personalized injury recovery programs utilizing Pilates reformer and Yoga strengthening exercises.

Chinese Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Supplements


At the time of your treatment, you may also be prescribed Chinese Herbs or Nutritional Supplements to continue with your healing process between treatments.  I  use the practitioner ranges, Chinamed (Chinese Herbs) and Nutrisearch supplements as both of these are known for their quality of ingredients and processing methods.

Nutritional Health & Food/Chemical sensitivity testing.


All testing is done fully clothed, is painless & non invasive.


Testing is done based on an energy technique of Advanced Kinesiology and acupressure points, to assess the energetic balance of the major organs and glands. Once the weakness has been identified, nutrients and dosage can be prescribed specific to the individuals needs. 


A range of food, chemicals and nutrients can also be tested with the same system, to assess what needs to be avoided from your diet or lifestyle, to promote an improvement in your general health and wellbeing.




Acupuncture Blenheim

Acupuncture Blenheim